The Empress on knees

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Her love knew no reason
It was built by
Cementing tears into regrets
Seasoned by lessons learnt hard

And so it poured from her
Inside out
Till everything that made her
Formed bricks
In the many walls of her heart

Where her unbridled love grew
By the stoic stubbornness
Of the battered and the beaten

Her fortress stood tall
It withstood
All the forces
Of pragmatism
Well wishers
And naysayers alike

Little did she know
The forces without
Were feeble

And its the storm within
That will break it down
Bringing to knees
Her impregnable empire

In an ideal world

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And somewhere in a parallel universe…

Jack and Jill did fetch that pail of water
Humpty Dumpty was put back together by the king’s men
Johnny did not lie to Papa about eating sugar
Romeo did not die
Brutus did not cheat

Love prevailed
Hope reigned
Truth was spoken

And.. and there was always a happily ever after…

Brittle sanity

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How fragile is your sanity
When it is tethered
By a burning weak rope
Of a quiet whispering question –

Does he think of me
In solitude and crowd
In his fleeting moments
Of retrospect and regret

Afraid to know the answer
As if it might be the lick of flame
That burns out the last strand
Ushering in an apocalypse
Of all that holds sense

How I became a Prophet

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There is a madness
Hidden behind your
Calm eyes

A madness so bright
It makes me believe
That it is the new righteous

An insanity so alluring
It makes me
Build a religion

Makes a prophet
Out of me

Speaking the sublime magic
Of your eyes

The shrine
Of senile happiness

Break me down

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The love I hold for you
Has the propensity
To break me in a thousand ways
And make it seem
So beautiful
That I crave for destruction
Over and over again

And when I am reborn
I seek you out
To be dusted yet again
By the cruel mercy
Of your love
For that one chance
Of nexus
just before annihilation….


Silver Lightning


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And when the clouds are dark
Threatening a storm
I stand there
With my head held high
Rain slapping
Against my face
Tears mingling with
The fresh downpour
In one hope
Of a touch
Of your lightning love
A caress that’s traced
With a silver finger
And burns me
To the bone


The Fall

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.. And then there are days
When pain is the only thing
Alive in me
I have removed the shards
Of broken glass dreams
That had pierced my soul
Yet the scars remain
With the fuel of memories
And gnawing thoughts
Of what could have been

On such days
I let myself fall
In a bottomless abyss
Ever hoping
You’d waiting
At the end of it all
Wake me up when this is done
A sleep will help
It always does



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We are fingers
Entwined together in love, lust and prayer

We are one breath
Whispering names and re-iterating promises

We are kisses
Unfolding gently like late autumn breeze

We are a part whole
A part broken, longing to re-unite

I am you and you are me
Basking in the aftermath of the storm called We

I am the million pieces of mosaic that makes you
You are the river that fills up my sea

My first Haiku attempt

I tried to put down a couple of Haikus. But after a while, could not keep up with the discipline of counting the syllables. So this is more of a haiku-like attempt. 🙂

I wrote on to you a sensuous song,
The ink of my words seeped into your skin,
Reminisce my love when you hear your tattoos sing to you


Stop! For the darkness is too bright,
It reveals what I conceal,
The world is not ready and it just isn’t the time


Whispers of yesterday,
Too clear for my comfort,
Dear friend cacophony, please drown them out


I walk into those enticing woods,
In the wide expanse of nowhere,
…. if only getting away was so easy


Faith is blind, so is love,
Hence I couldn’t see,
When my back ran into your knife


Solitude, my soul mate,
I seek you everywhere,
And always find you in a crowd!



The Monsoon Symphony

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The droplets glide,
On the screen of my window
I watch them dance
On their wet feet

The showers create music
On the roof of my car
And I listen intently
Trying to decipher
The hidden lyrics
Of the monsoon symphony

Eyes fixed on the windshield
I let the rain
Compose notes
On my blank canvas mind
Each beat granting me
Unparalleled peace

The octave rises and falls
Musical downpour
Creates a masterpiece
That ends in silence
Which lasts a moment
And then the applause drowns it ALL…..

I drive
Miles and miles
Into nowhere
With a mind scribbled with black notes
And no music to remember…….


Wind in my hair

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I saw him
The skin changer
Turn into wind
In one effortless motion

He traveled
Straight through
The deepest recesses
Of my heart

And on his way out
Took my soul
By the hand
Into the night

I grasped
At the sublime
Fingertips, delicately
Forging a connect

I flew
With the wind
To places
Unexplored, unperturbed

I wrapped
The wind
Cloaked myself
In its ethereal presence

We kissed
Many a skylines
Dived into the heart
Of many a oceans
Through many a deserts

And the skin changer
Morphed again
Leaving behind
The wind in my hair

~ M


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Little hands
Outstretched for alms
Dirt caked in drains
Calloused in factories
Engaged in endless toil

Little feet
Running household errands
Chasing cars at traffic lights
Amputated to invoke pity
Incapacitated for life

Little eyes
Beholding a morsel
Shedding countless tears
Nurturing bountiful dreams
Looking for food in a garbage pile

Little souls
Branded with pain

Lost to the arrogant divide
The world looks on
As time devours
Pure white
Being splashed with ominous grey

Time Travel

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That green
Of your eyes

Calm like the ocean
Glittering like an emerald
Fragile like a dew on a blade of grass

Two captivating crystal balls
I peer through them

A curtain lifts
A spectrum comes to life
A motion picture of yesterday

I saw…

Those amber sunrises
When the sun unfolded itself
And sparkled on your face

The cacophony
Of the daily chores with you
That lent aliveness to my days

The somber farewell
Of the sun
Leaving behind a night full of promises

I also saw..

Your voice
Your touch
My arms entwined in yours

Your care
Your laughter
My soul locked with yours

Your breath
Your beats
My eternal timeless elixir

And then….

You blinked
Broke my reverie
The stark reality of now
Does not satiate
The soul’s hunger for the time gone

Tell me
When again will you take me
For a time travel
Through your eyes


A sorcerer’s song

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The wizard
In a different guise
Behind a convenient mask

The veil
Wrapped tightly
The hooded cloak
A keeper of his secret

He roams

But he, too,
Is powerless
As instinct
Prevails all

The flute
His staff
The wind
His spell

He then shapes
The wind
Into trance
Into dreams
Into love
Into words

Blurring the lines
Bringing to life
The surreal

The craftsman
At work
The wizardry
Of lonesome symphonies


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Joined in
Holy matrimony
With the
Long, winding road

With only thoughts
In my backpack
And hunger
Of the unknown
In my stomach

The road becomes my
Every word
In the tar of her heart

the sacred vows

The lure
Of her unventured territories
Keeps me 
I tread on
By the unknown
That lay ahead

Carving new names
On every nameless

The journey continues
The nomad
Still roams
The wanderer 
Still unsatisfied
Countless miles
The vagabond’s feet



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The tiny jigsaw pieces 
of moments
Clasped tightly
In my palms
A peep would bare it all
So I quickly
Conceal it

Lest it give me away
And announce
The myriad hues
That I skillfully hid

The solemn white
Of the smile
That danced 
At the corner of my mouth
When you called my name
In your own
Endearing way

The lovestruck red
Of the blush
That spread to my ears
When we kissed
The first rain

The orange fire
Burning in my soul
Which you ignited
By the mere touch
Of your fingertips
Love on my cheek

The grey glass 
Of the tear
That quietly slipped
When the terrible pain
Of longing
Buried me 3 feet
Declaring me half dead

So it is
That the shades shall
Remain hidden
The pieces stolen
from time’s 
impenetrable lair
Slipping from my palms
To the treasure chest
Of your
Closed eyelids

Ceaseless Warmth

In the pic: My sister and her little one
In the pic: My sister and her little one
I have never
Felt the bite of cold
When the snow fell
Like broken stars
From the silk blanket
Of the purple sky
Sending promises
To the earth
From yonder

The chill never
Laid its icy hands on me
Even when the brown
Maiden earth
Donned the bridal white
In her unadulterated charm

For I always had you
Your unceasing warmth

The warmth of your womb
Your bosom and wholesome hugs
The warmth of your words
Your tears and honest smiles

Ma, the hearth of your love
Kept me warm
A blanket of
Tucked around me
The first ray
Of sunshine
The grey rain curtain

[For my mother and my lovely sisters who are turning out to be awesome moms]


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The sun of circumstances
scorches my soul
down to ashes
till all that remains
is body
stumbling across the sand dunes
those ever changing ones
Life incarcerated
in the hollow of my chest
from breath to breath
Till I find you
And drink hungrily
Till the sound
of reviving heart beats
in that hollow
Till my soul
And the prison
becomes the carrier of love
You breath life into me
My Oasis

Unspoken words

chocolate scroll ancient envelopes

Sitting on the window sill,
A piece of paper resting on my lap,
A pen cradled between my fingers,
I set out to write to you,
A letter, that will speak for me like I have never before

But words escape me,
Cripple me in my hour of need,
I fail to string my thoughts into phrases,
A sweet nothing pops in my head and there it freezes,
Never dribbling down my pen on to the paper

But what is it that I haven’t said,
With that warm glance across the room,
I am sure you saw it, you deciphered it,
Before again the din rose around us,
And the glance was undid

I wonder what remains to be known,
After that touch of my hand placed upon yours
Said a million words, which you aptly read
And then my hand quietly slipped away,
And the words were unsaid

Never once did I flinch nor I cried,
When the shackles chained my gestures away,
I know you felt them, you let escape none,
You ensured the shackles flung open,
And the gestures not undone

So I whispered to my head,
Dear words – you  stay right there
For an empty letter I shall send,
And he will read the void, devour it,
And fill it with every possible shade,
A memory of a lifetime that shall never be unmade


I worship an honest demigod
He goes by the name Crossroads
An exorcist of all things false
At his altar only truth survives

Crossroads –  I meet Him everyday
And that is where I drop all my masks
And I am blessed with his precious blessing
A mirror –  reflecting me in my most transparent form

A sermon I received from Him
Says you are nothing more than the choices you make
Everything material shall be reduced to dust
Finally when the lights go out and the curtains are down
You’ll be known by what you did at CROSSROADS

The Window

There is a window in this hollow room,
The only way to look outside
Inside there is a pitch black light
The window is the only respite

Every word spoken bounces off the walls
Resonates in the vacuum space
Wish the window would bring in voices from beyond
For now there is only muted sound

The window says it’s pouring on the other side
The droplets down its glassy face gleam
But the window doesn’t let the raindrops in
In here hostile desert resides just next door to the ocean

And then there is a wish,
As weird as it may sound
Seal the window for good
The lure of the unknown, unreachable is tormenting
Let the room be closed forever
For ignorance can truly be bliss